Late Night Eating is Killing Me!!!!

Does the refrigerator call your name every night? Chances are, you satisfied your hunger at dinner, so these late-night munchies are not about being hungry. Instead, they’re a result of habit, boredom, stress, or fatigue after a long, hard day. No matter what the cause, eating at night usually leads to overeating, and can wreak havoc on your weight-loss diet.

What to do?  What to do?Image

Idea: Give yourself a 100 calories to work with after dinner. Eat whatever you want but using 100 calories maximum. See what happens.If you are dedicated you will start to lose some weight and the dreaded “bloated” feeling will disappear. Oh yeah,drink water. The more the better.



2 thoughts on “Late Night Eating is Killing Me!!!!

  1. Yeah this seems to be a key feature of healthy eating, I try and stick to it when possible. I’ve heard people mention that stopping late night eating is why they lost a lot of weight. Makes a lot of sense.

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