Burn baby burn! (Disco inferno!)

Woo!! It’s Friday people! Who doesn’t love Fridays? (People who work on the weekends and do insane hours, you can gloss over the next few lines.) Your plans for the weekend are either set, or they are in the works. Some even have their workout routine in the mix (you go fit-fanatic!). If that isn’t in the future for you though, read on.

So picture this (you won’t even have to close your eyes). You’re behind your desk, your lunch is sitting in your stomach like a rock. Your energy is slowing down and if you have to see one more email pop up on your screen you’ll go postal! Great way to break up the monotony, and get in some cardio before your full blown workout, is to have a 5 minute dance party!


Woohoo! Break out the piñata!

Now if you happen to share space like these fine people then either share the wealth of your music (ask first) or find a space you can let loose. Wake up your senses and get your heart pumping (pumping pumping pumping)! Don’t let the rhythm die there. Keep something with an almost mellow beat pumped into your ears and you’ll subconsciously groove to the music while you sit at your desk. Even on the commute home, keep those endorphins flowing through your body and let the rhythm of your tunes move you. 

We may sound a little corny here, but honestly you can’t say that a little bit of toe tapping, or head bopping can hurt. Unless you’re in a full body cast or something… then it might. Otherwise, this small amount of movement will serve as a form of exercise for those who don’t have time to run to the gym or even have a moment to think. That’s the great thing about music. You only need to hear it to feel something. Then later tonight, while you’re cooking dinner, doing the laundry, or some thing else that keeps you inside, TURN UP THE VOLUME! Break it down old school or tear up that wall to wall carpeting with your best dance moves. Vicki Baum said it best:


Check out this woman at a bus stop. She gets it. 


Get fit. Make friends. Have fun!


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