Own it Monday!

Welcome back to the work week, readers! So many things are universally hated; taxes, in-laws, Justin Bieber, annoying pop stars. For the most part we can change these. Save for your taxes, find common ground with the in-laws, change the music on your mp3 player/radio. One thing we cannot change are Mondays. All week we look forward to Friday, enjoy the weekend and dread the beginning of the work week. While we cannot change what day we head back to the office (for those who have a 9-5, Mon-Fri. schedule) we can change our perspective.

Change your attitude towards Monday. See, you wake up and perhaps your first thought is “ugh, Monday”. Next week, before those words pop in your mind take a moment to recognize a big step you took. You woke up. You have another day to make your own. Its another chance to start over. Whether you failed on a diet, missed a couple workouts, or a few deadlines at work last week, today, right now, you can change the way the rest of this week will go.  If you decide to succeed or fail on Monday, it’s on you! Sure, you’ll run into problems at work, traffic on the road, and a multitude of other issues but how you react to them is up to you. Each problem presented to you an opportunity to grow.

Set goals for today, and for the rest of the week. Do something that will give you that sense of accomplishment for today. Whether it is getting a report done early, or adding extra weights at the gym tonight, set a goal that you can achieve for today. Starting off the week feeling that you’ve gotten something done, and in excellence, will enhance your attitude. Next week, set your own-it-Monday goals over the weekend. This way you’ll set yourself up for success.

Make sure that you add a cushion to your goals; something that will help you achieve success regardless of what happens. Maybe that will be going the extra mile for your employer, assisting a co-worker, or a healthy meal that will satisfy your hunger but not impede whatever fitness goals you’ve created. Throw in a set of squats if you can’t get a full work out in today.

If you feel that the first part of your day didn’t go so well then take this afternoon by the horns! You already know what will happen for the rest of your afternoon. You’re stuck behind a desk, or a counter or somewhere you generally don’t want to be. If this isn’t you then you have no reason to not seize the day!

For you fitness fanatics, what better way to take charge of your day by adding something new to your routine. Something that will make you feel like you’ve conquered the world! Your world! Mainly, your body. How will this help you “own Monday”? By doing something you’ve never tried before and succeeding at it you’ve made Monday a day where you OWNED that new technique, that extra set of bicep curls, you’ve run that extra mile.. something you didn’t do last week.

Do it TODAY! Go home and, in the words of Larry the Cable Guy:




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