Sick Sick Sick (Everyone is sick)

All you need is one person, one… host, to get sick in the workplace and before you know it an epidemic has swept through your space and your best friends are a can of lysol and tea… and hand sanitizer…. and tissues… and a barricade of chairs and office furniture to hide behind, letter opener raised with your body on high alert. The music over the sound system here at VOLT FITNESS is being DROWNED OUT by coughing, throats being cleared, the trumpeting of noses being blown. Trainers, administration and even owners fell to the bug that is spreading. They quickly rose but not without remnants of their battle clinging to their still recuperating bodies.

Zombie walk
So who wants coffee? I’m buying!

STILL! Our clients have continued to come in. Armed with determination, and enrobed in Clorox disinfecting wipes, using bags of cough drops as weights, they stuck to their fitness routine, and to them we say HORRAH!

So readers, tell us. What do you do when you’re sick? Do you stay in, and wave good bye to humanity while your body rejuvenates itself? Or do you brave the big scary world with your Purell in hand? Does your fitness routine suffer from your ailing body, or do you work that bag of bones into a fitness frenzy? Tell us! We really want to know.

Tushie Tuesday – Give the bum a boost!

Frolicking in the waves

Frolicking frolicking through the waves… I’m sure you would rather do that than sit in your office and stare at a screen for hours. In fact, now that March is FINALLY over, and the weather is FINALLY starting to warm (in Northern New Jersey anyway) many minds are drifting to the warmth of summer. The backyard barbecues, the smell of the freshly mowed grass, the rolling waves on the beach… ahh.

Before you can even consider getting out there and hitting the surf, you instantly remember the winter insulation you’ve packed on. Many of us were going through cabin fever with the record breaking amounts of snow this winter and sure, shoveling a foot of snow every hour kept us active,  but afterwards, we ran inside, got warm and bummed out on the couch.

Ricky Tomlinson
Fun Times

Generally speaking when the sun comes out and the temperatures ranges from “oh-my-God” to “what-the-french-toast”, your first thought will not be “quick, where are my baggy sweats!?” Unless sweating profusely is your way to cool down, you’ll look for the short shorts you purchased at a pre-season sale, or those awesome khakis you saw pinned to some life-sized Ken that had its arm around a life-sized Barbie. For the most part, the vision you have of yourself soaking up sun doesn’t include the extra pounds packed on watching a Walking Dead marathon. So what to do? We’ve scoured the internet (clicked like… ten links, tops) and chose some of our favorite bikini bottom, glute tightening workouts that will help you raise the bar on your sagging tush.

Check them out here (<–right there) then come back and let us know how you feel.