Back in the Saddle Again

Wooo! Welcome back party animals! Welcome back to the comfort of your desk, the warmth of your office chair, and the glow of fluorescent lighting. Just yesterday you were drudging through the backyard bbqs, forcing yourself to laugh at your friends jokes, and barely being entertained by the kids running around, voices filling the air with glee. Wait, what? Let’s try this again.

Good afternoon, and welcome back to the work week. Unless you worked all weekend, then hey! Welcome to Tuesday! As the title of this post suggests most of us Monday to Friday employees are getting back into our usual routine. Turned on the computer, checked some emails (the ones you don’t check on your phone), poured some coffee and sat back to reminisce about the lovely weekend you just had, instead of getting to those TPS reports, and their cover sheets. Fresh memories of enjoying the sun and fresh air with family and/or friends are just running through your mind. If they weren’t before, I’m sure they are now. Remember the awesome food you enjoyed? Beefy hot dogs, soda galore, thick burgers and all the awesome-bad-for-you goodies we enjoy once the warm weather hits. Do you have the picture in your head? Mouth watering yet? No?

Backyard BBQ
Maybe this will help.


Ahhh we remember now. If you’re a health fanatic or if you were doing really well… the guilt should hit you… now! No, we’re kidding, but if you did perhaps treat yourself to a little too much yesterday, don’t worry there is a remedy. Ready for it? Its ground breaking really.


As long as the weekend gave you some great memories and remain as great memories then there is no reason to stay off the wagon. You had a fantastic time and that’s something we all need. A time to reflect on is a tool of rejuvenation and motivation. Use your cheat day to give you a reason to work on staying in shape or getting back to it. For some of us, the warm weather has just begun and you know you’ll look for ways to stay cool. This doesn’t include layering up to hide what you’re working on. Need a step back in the right direction? Check out this recipe pinned on our Pinterest board. There is a good chance you have most of these ingredients still in the house. If not, use it as inspiration to find something that will give you a boost for the rest of the day.

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