Eat the Stress Away!!!

Yeah!!! Eat your stress away! Wooo! Let’s go in, people! What do we have in front of us? Some chips? Some soda? Maybe a little cake snack?

Little Debbie
You sassy mistress you…

If you’re not by your desk already, you’re thinking about going back. Back to the grind. Back to the deadlines, and the bosses, and really? Again with those cover sheets!? Or maybe you’re back to something that really grinds your gears.  Perhaps an overly open co-worker who just had to tell you about their bunion; or maybe even the little twerp who just started and somehow has a house in the Hamptons where they will be spending the weekend with their other little hipster friends complaining about, oh I don’t know, there is going to be just a little too much tequila for their singing shots weekend. Whatever it is (especially you work from home readers) you’re bound to be stressed out and looking for some sort of release. Look out afternoon crash!

So what can you do to relieve some of this stress without grabbing the nearest office equipment and smashing it to bits? Well, take your coffee break but don’t get coffee! After doing a small bit of research, a few foods came up that were pretty common to increase the peace.

  1. TEA
    1. YEP! Try it out you java-nuts! Apparently CAFFEINATED teas like black teas, green teas and oolong teas will release the stress and even keep you alert enough to get through the final hours of your day at the office.
  2. NUTS!
    1. Crunching on nuts seems to relieve some of that tension you have building up while you listen to the inane chatter of those around you. They have plenty of vitamins ( Vitamin B2 and E, as well as magnesium and zinc, almonds are high in fat, but most of the fat is unsaturated) that will boost your body into that kicking-butt-and-taking-names mode.  So crack it like its hot or open a bag of blue diamonds!
    1. Obviously fruits are a good choice to make whenever you’re putting some form of energy in your body. These two fruits in particular really get the stress out. First, it covers the need to release aggression (with the apple anyway). Both are chock full of vitamins that you lose when you’re just going through your day and according to one article just sniffing a green apple will relieve stress. Frankly, I’d rather just eat it.
    1. I thought at first this was a joke. Apparently, it lowers stress hormones and of course the sugar is an added bonus. Keep the portions in check though. Want to knock out a few suggestions in one? Try an Almonds Mounds. Chocolate, fruit, and nuts all in one!

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