Summer Lovin’! Getting your sweat on in the sweltering heat

With the warm season upon us, many of us like to get out from under the shelter of a nice cool gym and take our fitness routine to the streets. Be it the sidewalk, a quiet street, or a playground with an intricate jungle gym, the sunshine and fresh air beats any building with blaring club music any day. There are some things to remember though as the heat index rises over the next few months.

January - December 2012 Statewide Temperature Ranks
‘Member this?


  • This point seems to be pretty obvious. An article on WebMD reminds us that “our bodies are warmer than the environment. When that begins to change, our muscles regulate heat by releasing sweat, which allows the body to cool itself. But when the body is sweating, it’s losing fluid.”


  • It is recommended to work out either early in the morning or early in the evening before a serious afternoon heat wave. Remember, nothing too strenuous either! If you do feel like giving yourself a challenge, go to the one place you can always depend on .. the gym!


  • Lighter clothes in hot weather! Always a given, try not to wear dark clothes during sun beaming days. Stick with skin breathable fabrics, cotton/polyester, anything loose-fitting, and comfortable.


  • Mom’s weren’t kidding when they stressed out, “Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen!” There is nothing fun about a sunburn, SPF 20 (or higher) is the way to go. It’s always better to feel your skin protected than to feel the burn (unless it’s the burn of your muscles from that work out). Aside from wearing sunscreen, there’s different ways to protect yourself. Such as wearing sunglasses, visors (they’re pretty fashionable nowadays, ya know) or just a regular ol’ school baseball cap!

And that sums it up on how to protect yourself from a heat wave that can cause dehydration, hallucinations, dizziness, and or a serious sunburn! Don’t be that victim. It’s the small things that count, like applying sunscreen before heading out or having that nice sip of fresh cold water to hydrate. Most important, if you feel depleted in any way, get yourself into a nice cool area ASAP! Dehydration is nothing to mess with! Enjoy your summer 🙂


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