Own It Monday

Road Rage

Its Monday again! In the past we’ve spoken on how to get over the fact that it’s Monday. Yet somehow, it still creeps up on us. Sure, we may not have the job we want or we do have the job we want but surrounded by people who seem to make us think otherwise. We could even have the job we want, we like who is around us but for what ever reason, we still dread Monday.

Well if you’ve had a terrible morning or seem like you can’t get rid of that funk you woke up with, remember it’s all on you how you go through the week.

It’s Monday. Make it YOURS. The ball is in your court, or rather you’re at the helm and you need to steer your week, TODAY. The attitude you have right now is going to set the pace for the rest of the week. So if you dread today simply because you’ve gone back to work, you’ll dread the rest of the week from the moment your eyes close to the moment they open again.

So what are you waiting for? Pull up your grown-up undies and deal with it! Are there reports to be done? Do it! Is there a certain goal you have to reach with sales, or with a client? Do what has to be done to get there. Recite a mantra if that’s what gets you going.

You may be reading this and thinking to yourself, “you said this already”. Well, sometimes things are worth repeating and since the world is full of people who still hate Mondays, it means not everyone has either read what we’ve said or they’ve read it and brushed it off.

Do us a favor: Pick one thing that’s good about today and recite it to yourself all day long. Maybe its the fact that you have a job when many others don’t; or the fact that your car is running or you had money for transportation. If you can’t think of something good then think of how you would like them to be. Do you feel like this week is on top of you already? Then tell yourself “I can do this. I’m on top of it. Its my week.” If that’s not going to work, figure out something that will.

Then, when you’re work day is done, after you’ve worked for “THE MAN”, do something for yourself. No, I don’t mean sit back with a bottle of wine, or a pound of chocolate or even a six-pack. I mean, hit the gym! Preferably our gym located at 566 S Broad Street in Glen Rock, New Jersey (yes that is shameless self-promotion and we’re fricken proud of it!), but if you don’t belong to a gym go to a park and use the jungle-gym. There is a good chance kids aren’t there anyway, so who better than you to use it?

Get your phone or iPod (or whatever you use for tunes) packed with high energy music or something that gets you going and pound the pavement! Even if its just a 10 minute walk, you’ll feel better when it’s over. Besides, tomorrow is Tuesday and before you know it, its Monday all over again.

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