A Little Help for Children with ADHD

“When I was your age…” is a common phrase that we’ve heard every parent say. Usually its in reference to doing something we DESPERATELY don’t want to do. The lesson to be learned is, sometimes you have to do something you don’t want to do. We have a choice to make after hearing the tale of our parents trudging through 10 feet of snow 15 miles just to get to school. We can decide whether to suck it up and jump in the car to go to school  (or work) or we can decide to whimper, cry, kick and scream on the way to school/work. 

Over the years, we’ve noticed a trend. While many of us can make these decisions with a simple story, there is a population who have a very hard time in doing so. This population for one thing cannot focus on a simple task for very long. They have difficultly reading body language or dealing with the word “no”. While there could be many reasons for this difficulty, studies have shown these symptoms to correlate with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD. For a long time, there seemed to be no hope for this population unless they were heavily drugged. 

NeuroFit has decided to change that.

By combining a social skills & executive functioning class with the activities of physical therapy, NeuroFit has brought together therapists and created a 12-week program that will help children make better decisions, learn how to make and keep friends, figure out how to deal with rejection, and much more. Visit our site at http://www.voltfitnessusa.com/adhd-program.html for more information or give us a call at 201-857-4768. 

The Conquer Program
A 12 program created to help children and families with the challenges of ADHD.

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