Healthy & Delicious Grilling/BBQ Eats!

Happy Labor Day

With Labor Day and the last days of summer right around the corner, BBQ-ing, grilling outside, enjoying the sun, taking a dive into a nice cool pool after a yummy meal (please wait an hour before doing this) is … coming to an end. Oh, don’t feel so depressed now! Personally, I am looking forward to fall. The cool breeze, color changes in the leaves, hoodies, hot coffee, pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving food .. well, now I’m getting too ahead of myself!

Now, before all of this occurs, we need to enjoy these days while they last! This is when BBQ’s kick into full effect. Now, you saw our post below, yes? About overeating, smaller portions, and making smarter choices at cookouts. Well, if you plan on throwing a BBQ or are attending one, I have got some delicious HEALTHY finger licking meals for you! Personally picked by yours truly.

Before we get into recipes to a few healthy eating BBQ meals, I just want to share with you a couple of my favorite foods. Macaroni salads, hot dog on a bun, red juicy meaty burger, with a nice cold beer to wash it all down. Who doesn’t absolutely just enjoy this? The good ol’ American way! But, that all comes with a price. Attending BBQs, cookouts, fairs, boardwalk grabs .. yes, folks, as we all know eventually it catches up with you. Now here is big question, “How can I eat deliciously and still feel satisfied?” Keep reading to find out how.

Happy Healthy Cookout

Get Low!

We all know the staple side dishes for any cookout are macaroni and potato salad. So to make it more figure friendly, try using low-fat mayo AND substitute half of the amount with low-fat sour cream. It’ll be half the fat, all the flavor. This tip was picked up from Eating Well’s website and I love it! posted a recipe for macaroni salad and while it calls for 7 tablespoons of light mayo, I’m going to change out half of that for light/fat free sour cream and see how it tastes. I can’t wait!

Some Like it Hot!

If the thought of something hot and spicy gets your taste buds going then this next recipe is for you! posted a recipe to kick up your corn! This ingredient list includes cayenne, cumin, and so much more! Now while it does call for 1/4 cup of unsalted butter, keep in mind it is supposed to spread over at least 6 cobs. It also asks for a particular brand’s ranch salad dressing and if the thought of ranch dressing just made your heart skip a beat (not in the good way) then please, by all means, reach for the Fat Free or Light variety! Or hey, try bringing in that good ol’ sour cream!

Let Me See Ya Grill!

Woo! The flames are high and the charcoal (or wood, or both) are burning red! You can already feel the heat, can’t you? Well before you start tossing all the meat you can find on that grill, let me give you some alternatives that are sure to keep your guests happy. has two turkey burgers (yes, I said turkey) that will blow your mind. Well the first might actually calm your taste buds down after have that hot hot corn. In fact, this burger requires a pocket-pita which will cut down on your carb intake! See? We care about you. With some greek yogurt, tahini sauce (seasame seed paste), and much more you’re bound to enjoy this practically guilt free turkey burger pita with tahini sauce.

Now if you’re ready to ramp it up, you’ll love this Jamaican Jerk Turkey Burger with Papaya-Mango salsa. If you’re not the adventurous foodie then this burger is NOT for you. Jamaican jerk is a strong and hot seasoning, and while the papaya-mango salsa might cool down your mouth, both fruits pack a powerful punch. Each item in this recipe has a very strong taste but it all goes together so well. Just a tip: if you go for this recipe, please offer your guests some dairy to cool their mouths. Water will only spread the heat, and soda… just don’t.

Sugar! Awe, Honey Honey!

Dessert! Nothing completes a meal like a sweet! Now we’re not saying that it’s bad to indulge on apple pie, or ice cream but if you’d like to get that sweet satisfaction without loading up on the calories then this next recipe might be for you. Found on The Detoxinista’s site, this Easy Peach Crisp is an excellent way to end your meal. The recipe calls for quite a bit of pure maple syrup and some coconut oil, both of which (when consumed in moderation) are actually pretty healthy (in the grand scheme of things that is). Make sure that if you purchase maple syrup, it is PURE maple syrup. Why? Because PURE maple syrup contains really awesome things like ANTIOXIDENTS and minerals where as maple FLAVORED syrup has refined sugar. What does that mean? Well, PURE maple syrup has a glycemic index of about 54 where as table sugar has an index of 64. Coconut oil as a great substitute for butter and cooking oil. So, with this tidbit of knowledge you can enjoy your dessert without the guilt.

If You Like Piña Coladas!

Ok this isn’t actually about alcohol but I had to keep the song themed headings going. One of the owners and his kids recently gave us a recipe for all you nutribullet fans out there.

If that doesn’t do it for you then try this: take a bunch of your favorite summertime berries, and toss them in the freezer the night before your cookout. The next day, fill a pitcher with either cold water, or cold soda water (aka Seltzer) and throw in those berries! You’ll have a great drink that is refreshing and super healthy.

So there you have it folks! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend and be sure to get lots of activities in to burn off those cookout calories!

– Ingrid and Jay

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Back to School with ADHD

School boy standing in hall at school

I used to love going back to school. The first day was always my favorite day (of course my second favorite was the last day). Going shopping for the first day was so much fun; picking up new binders, getting those 3 packs of 1000 sheet lined paper, new pencils and pens… the list goes on and on. Couldn’t wait to go and show off my new backpack, find out who was in my class(es), etc. etc. For many children, the first day of school was not and is not met with as much enthusiasm. Below, we have a few tips for parents of children with ADHD and Asperger’s to use when going back to school this fall.

A+ Great Work

Tips for Going Back to School with ADHD and Asperger’s

Set Goals and Rewards

Making goals for children with ADHD or Asperger’s helps set the tone and gives them clear expectations for the school year ahead; both at home and in class. This helps keep children focused on their daily tasks. Set goals such as handing in assignments on time, getting to bed and getting ready for school on time; even use good behavior, such as not getting into fights. Remember to include your child in this process, and even make it something the whole family can be involved with. Map out what goals you all feel are not only important but attainable. Rewards for these goals could be special family activities and outings or special time with their friends.

Stick to a Schedule

Creating a schedule helps children maintain their focus. By letting them know what is coming up ahead, you can avoid impulsive behavior. A daily schedule should include meal times, and homework times. Be sure to add free time, exercise, and bedtime, Don’t forget to include allotted time for prep and time to wind down. When doing a schedule, keep in mind to include time for those reward activities. As before, make sure to include your child in the schedule process. This way, they can feel a sense of ownership. Make sure to keep the schedule in a highly visible area so your child can be reminded of what is expected of them for that day. Don’t forget, when they know what is ahead, you can cut down on impulsive behavior.

Communicate with Your Child’s School

The best person to speak on your child’s behalf, is you. Make sure you meet with your child’s teacher and the school administration, study teams, guidance counselor. Let them know about your child’s strengths and weaknesses and be completely honest. Work with them by sharing your practices at home and ask for suggestions. If possible, go over your child’s IEP/504 or set up a separate meeting.

So remember, when creating your goals, rewards and schedule, include your child and the rest of the family. Be open and honest with their school to help with the transition from summer vacation to school year.

– Jay

If you have a child with symptoms and issues related to ADHD, Asperger’s or Impulse Control, NeuroFit has created the Conquer Program to help children make friends, improve communication skills and more. The program is held at VOLT FITNESS in Glen Rock and will start in September. Enroll now, space is limited. Visit us at for more information or give us a call at (201) 857-4768. 

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The Conquer Program

The Cookout Conundrum

Burgers on a plate with american flags

Well it’s that time again. Summer is winding down, and for most of us, school is.. NEXT WEEK! Before we dive into the first day of school, we have one more big holiday to celebrate. It’s LABOR DAY!! The day where America is supposed to sit back, relax, and reflect on all of its hard work. For those who have to continue working on this day, we bow our heads in a moment of silence for you.

Ok, now that that is over… in good old American fashion, we celebrate the blue collar folks with parades, and cookouts. The newest inclusion, is shopping! Cha-ching! BUT THIS POST ISN’T ABOUT THAT. IT’s about the cookouts, and all that lovely lovely food.

So for those of us who are trying to stay in shape and watch what we eat, we’ve gathered a few tips on how to keep that slim figure slim.

Hot Dogs and Burgers on the Grill

How to NOT Overeat at the Cookout

Survey the Land

The smell of grilling sizzling meat is in the air, the warmth of burning coal seeps out from the grill. The hunter instinct in you comes alive! Your mouth is alive with anticipation and you’re ready to pounce on the first sign of food! Then you see it, out before you is a marvelous spread of hamburgers (angus beef, am I right?!), steaks, hot dogs, brats with onions, potato salad, macaroni salad, ribs. There’s silver tins filled to the brim with fried chicken, and molten lakes of macaroni and cheese. Before that a table has been set aside for nothing but finger foods. Bowls of potato chips tower above cans of fluffy white dip that sit along side plates covered in pigs-in-a-blanket. Your tongue, unbeknownst to you, has slipped out and you lick your lips, awaiting the moment those succulent morsels of expertly grilled and friend meat can get past your teeth and send you reeling into a world of euphoria! BUT WAIT! Your emerging waistline, awesome cholesterol and blood sugar are telling you to put the brakes on all of that. What do you do with all is presented before you in the promise land of grilled goodies?

  1. Stop and take a breath! Seriously! You don’t want your mind to go into hoarding mode where you grab the first thing you see and let your plate pile up to overflowing.
  2. Decide what you want to eat first and even limit yourself to two types of food at a time and give yourself the option to go back. This way you’re not denying yourself something awesome to eat, and you’re not bingeing.

Pick a Smaller Dish

Ok, now you’ve checked out the spread and your stomach is rumbling, yelling at you for sustenance! Looking around, you find the plates and reach for the biggest one, the plate that could double as a trash can cover or even the hub plate cover for a Hummer. It’s time to go in! HOLD IT! Your stomach may be yelling FEED ME but your heart is telling you otherwise; in fact it would like to continue beating for a few more years. So what to do?

  1. Pick a smaller plate. If you grab the salad plate, dessert plate, or even the kids plate (if all of these are available) you’ll prevent yourself from over eating. Your portions will be kept smaller just because you know the plate can’t hold that much.
  2. Big plates make your portions look smaller so automatically you go to fill it to the brim. Your best bet is to go for the smallest plate you can find. If that isn’t an option then (if they are paper plates) then use a small spoon or a clean eating fork to select your items.

Limit the Liquor

You’ve done it! You planned out what you’ll eat and even went for the smallest plate you could find. Now all you need is something to wash it down with. In your head, you’ve got a cold one sitting comfortably in your hand, or a bottle cozy, and in between each delicious bite of burger you’re washing it down with that cool liquid gold. But what do the hosts have on deck? Some beer, maybe a little vino…. some sangria? Before you decide to wash away the afternoon, keep these tips in mind so as not to make your body dunk on the nectar of the gods, and your body fat on every yummy calorie.

  1. Alternate your alcohol with water and/or a low calorie non-alcoholic beverage. The amount of alcohol you consume will play on your senses. It may tell you “you can handle a big plate, you’re a grown man/woman” or it will tell you “EAT ALL THE FOOD” and before you know it, you’re overeating and over indulging and the next day you’re writhing in anguish and guilt! So avoid all of that by mixing it up.
  2. If your host happens to provide glassware to sip yourself into the night, pick the tallest glass. It will trick your senses into thinking you’ve had more when you’ve really had less.

So there you have it! Your organs will thank you, your doctors will thank you, your loved ones will thank you. Most importantly you’ll be happy with yourself because you didn’t binge, you won’t be in agony, and you can continue on your self-improvement journey.

– Jay

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Dealing with a Setback



It’s inevitable to hit a plateau, a setback, to take a wrong turn, etc. What counts most, whether its in the workplace, at home, or even in the gym, is that you don’t give up. Keep going until you’ve made it to the other side. Listed below are a few tips to get you through. If you have more tips, and would like to share them, please let us know in the comments section of this post.

Acknowledge the Setback

  • You can’t ignore the fact that there has been a set back. That’s almost like getting a flat tire and not changing it out. Set backs happen; it’s a normal part of life. You have to face the fact that there was a failure. Believe it or not, that’s the first step. As the old saying goes “you must admit to having a problem before you can fix it” or something along those lines. Part of this acknowledgment is to change your perception of the set back. One expert says to consider it a life-lesson; another says to think of it as an opportunity for growth. By doing this you change what was a negative experience into a positive event.

Analyze the Situation

  • Become your own CSI Agent (Miami, New York, whatever floats your boat) and examine your setback. Figure out the cause, and its effects. Put your problem solving skills to the test. Was it a missed deadline? Have the numbers on the scale not moved? Did you run out of ingredients? What caused this momentary pause on your journey? If it was something on your part, own up to it. If not, then plan for another set back in the future. By planning ahead, to fail, you can better prepare to succeed. Especially if its a situation you can see coming from a mile away. Maybe you need to work on how you manage your time, or rework your budget. If you’ve hit a plateau, then your strategy needs to be amplified. Ramp things up, really go outside the box; way out. Think Mars. Not really, but you get the picture.

Go to Work

  • Now that you’re armed with knowledge and a strategy, it’s time to put this knowledge to work. Use the information you’ve gleaned from analyzing your situation and use it to propel yourself forward.

Tomorrow Never Dies

  • Guess what? You’re going to go to sleep tonight and a phenomenon is going to take place before your eyes open. A whole new day is going to begin! Ta-da! That means you have another chance to make things right. Don’t dwell on the fact that you made a mistake. Instead, remember that a mistake was made, that it was temporary and while you may have some hard work to do on the road ahead, success is on the horizon.

In conclusion, your setback is temporary and as long as you can objectively analyze this tiny blip in your plan for world domination success you can always pick up the pieces and try again. Never give up! Never surrender!

– J

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ALS Awareness and the Ice Bucket Challenge

George Takei takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

George Takei took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to new heights. One might say it’s out of this world!

Sitting in front of a green screen we watch as the legendary trekkie get doused with a bucket of ice and water in the efforts of spreading awareness about this debilitating disease. As we watch every social network blow up with ice bucket challenges, hollywood a-listers, Grammy winners, and even hockey players (Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators) have taken up the challenge for this debilitating disease.

For those who don’t know, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed. We won’t go into further detail about the disease as you can read about it here.

The basic premise of this challenge is to either dump a bucket of ice cold water on your head or donate $100. You then nominate someone, anyone, to complete the challenge themselves or donate $100 within 24 hours. There have been some variations where challengers can donate whatever amount they can if they don’t wish to get icy cold, and some variations ask the nominees to take the plunge as well as make a donation (be it $100 or something within their means). Frankly, the last variation is my favorite.

While many have heartily taken part in this challenge there have been plenty of skeptics. There has been a great deal of doubt as to whether people are taking the challenge seriously to spread the word about ALS, or if they are just dunking a bucket of ice cold water on their head. Today, the ALSA put out a statement saying the challenge has raised over $22 million dollars for research. That should silence the skeptics, or you know, they could donate a small amount themselves.

That being said, VOLT FITNESS has taken this challenge seriously and in turn invites all of their clients and their employees to take part in this amazing viral fund raising. So, if you haven’t been challenged yet, and you live in the Glen Rock/Ridgewood area (think 10 mile radius), consider yourself nominated! Give us a call at (201) 857-3800 for details, or show up on Friday at 1 with your own bucket to take part!


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