Picked Last in Gym

Man, did I ever dread going to gym; especially as I got older. Aside from coming in last for every race, or having to fail at shooting a basket in front of my peers, or trying to change into my gym clothes in front of the more fit girls in class, I had to endure the humiliation and knowledge that no one wanted me on their team. Ever.

Knocked out in Dodgeball

Now, I’m not looking for a pat on the back and a sympathetic “there, there”. I am, however, trying to reach out to the many readers who have had similar situations; in particular those who have children that go through the same thing.

With school back in session, there are many children out there who will be singled out, and picked last for every physical activity they have. However, our staff has created a program to help the younger denizens of America, particularly those who reside near Glen Rock, NJ. This program is geared towards kids and teens who have issues that stem from a lack of coordination. When it comes to throwing a ball, swinging a bat, doing a push up, and more, good coordination can of course make an improvement in your performance but that performance will have a side effect: increased confidence!

Until the program starts, I’ve listed a few tips to help your child this year.

Practice Makes Perfect

Yeah, it’s an old saying but its pretty much true. Hand/eye coordination is key for pretty much every physical activity imaginable. So grab a whiffle bat and ball, or maybe pick up two rackets, and a tennis ball, and go practice! Keeping your eye on an object hurtling towards you, where your only defense is said bat/racket is a great way to practice aiming, timing, and execution of movements. Keep an ice pack handy in case you have some misses along with your hits.

All Play and No Work

There is nothing quite like a game of Simon Says to get those body parts moving with synchronicity and timing. With the audible command carrying instructions for physical movement, a couple games of Simon Says can help your child correlate an instruction given and the action that should, or shouldn’t, be taken. While you and your offspring are creating some awesome memories, you’ll help them prepare for their next gym class, or game.

So if you live in the Glen Rock/Ridgewood area, and your child could benefit from improving their coordination, give us a call at 201-857-4768 to find out how to enroll them in our program.

Coordination Program

Want more details? Go to www.voltfitnessusa.com/coordination-program.html and see how we can help.

– Jay

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Glen Rock, NJ 07452

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