Dealing with a Setback



It’s inevitable to hit a plateau, a setback, to take a wrong turn, etc. What counts most, whether its in the workplace, at home, or even in the gym, is that you don’t give up. Keep going until you’ve made it to the other side. Listed below are a few tips to get you through. If you have more tips, and would like to share them, please let us know in the comments section of this post.

Acknowledge the Setback

  • You can’t ignore the fact that there has been a set back. That’s almost like getting a flat tire and not changing it out. Set backs happen; it’s a normal part of life. You have to face the fact that there was a failure. Believe it or not, that’s the first step. As the old saying goes “you must admit to having a problem before you can fix it” or something along those lines. Part of this acknowledgment is to change your perception of the set back. One expert says to consider it a life-lesson; another says to think of it as an opportunity for growth. By doing this you change what was a negative experience into a positive event.

Analyze the Situation

  • Become your own CSI Agent (Miami, New York, whatever floats your boat) and examine your setback. Figure out the cause, and its effects. Put your problem solving skills to the test. Was it a missed deadline? Have the numbers on the scale not moved? Did you run out of ingredients? What caused this momentary pause on your journey? If it was something on your part, own up to it. If not, then plan for another set back in the future. By planning ahead, to fail, you can better prepare to succeed. Especially if its a situation you can see coming from a mile away. Maybe you need to work on how you manage your time, or rework your budget. If you’ve hit a plateau, then your strategy needs to be amplified. Ramp things up, really go outside the box; way out. Think Mars. Not really, but you get the picture.

Go to Work

  • Now that you’re armed with knowledge and a strategy, it’s time to put this knowledge to work. Use the information you’ve gleaned from analyzing your situation and use it to propel yourself forward.

Tomorrow Never Dies

  • Guess what? You’re going to go to sleep tonight and a phenomenon is going to take place before your eyes open. A whole new day is going to begin! Ta-da! That means you have another chance to make things right. Don’t dwell on the fact that you made a mistake. Instead, remember that a mistake was made, that it was temporary and while you may have some hard work to do on the road ahead, success is on the horizon.

In conclusion, your setback is temporary and as long as you can objectively analyze this tiny blip in your plan for world domination success you can always pick up the pieces and try again. Never give up! Never surrender!

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ALS Awareness and the Ice Bucket Challenge

George Takei takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

George Takei took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to new heights. One might say it’s out of this world!

Sitting in front of a green screen we watch as the legendary trekkie get doused with a bucket of ice and water in the efforts of spreading awareness about this debilitating disease. As we watch every social network blow up with ice bucket challenges, hollywood a-listers, Grammy winners, and even hockey players (Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators) have taken up the challenge for this debilitating disease.

For those who don’t know, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed. We won’t go into further detail about the disease as you can read about it here.

The basic premise of this challenge is to either dump a bucket of ice cold water on your head or donate $100. You then nominate someone, anyone, to complete the challenge themselves or donate $100 within 24 hours. There have been some variations where challengers can donate whatever amount they can if they don’t wish to get icy cold, and some variations ask the nominees to take the plunge as well as make a donation (be it $100 or something within their means). Frankly, the last variation is my favorite.

While many have heartily taken part in this challenge there have been plenty of skeptics. There has been a great deal of doubt as to whether people are taking the challenge seriously to spread the word about ALS, or if they are just dunking a bucket of ice cold water on their head. Today, the ALSA put out a statement saying the challenge has raised over $22 million dollars for research. That should silence the skeptics, or you know, they could donate a small amount themselves.

That being said, VOLT FITNESS has taken this challenge seriously and in turn invites all of their clients and their employees to take part in this amazing viral fund raising. So, if you haven’t been challenged yet, and you live in the Glen Rock/Ridgewood area (think 10 mile radius), consider yourself nominated! Give us a call at (201) 857-3800 for details, or show up on Friday at 1 with your own bucket to take part!


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Diet and ADHD

Food affects every area of our lives. Aside from just being fuel for our bodies, we use food to cheer us up (don’t deny it), treat ourselves (that Baskin Robbins sure looks good), celebrate (chocolate cake for the promotion!), and so much more. Food affects not just our weight, but our overall health, and this includes our emotions, functionality, and behavior. The following, according to various sites, is true for individuals with symptoms of ADHD.

From MSN Healthy Living:

The B vitamins have been linked to improved neural activity and are great at reducing stress, both useful for children with ADHD. Good food sources of the B vitamins are nutritional yeast, liver, whole-grain cereals and breads, rice, nuts, milk, eggs, meats, fish, fruits, leafy green vegetables and soy.

From WebMD:

Eat fewer simple carbohydrates, such as candy, corn syrup, honey, sugar, products made from white flour, white rice, and white potatoes.

From activebeat:

Omega 3 fatty acids have been known to significantly decrease ADHD symptoms in many children. Tuna is a phenomenal source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Using tuna to make things like wraps, sandwiches and pasta salads for kids’ lunches is a great way to try and help control their symptoms

Please note, EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT! Anything listed here may or may not work for your child and are only intended as general guidelines. You and your child know what does, and doesn’t work best.

Over the course of 12 weeks, NeuroFit professionals will work with children and teens that suffer from symptoms of ADHD in the Conquer Program. While children learn things like how to make friends, manage impulsivity, and how to deal with rejection, healthy eating at home and at school can only help the skills taught during the social skills and executive functioning sessions.

For information on the Conquer Program, visit us online at or call us at 201-857-4768.

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Symptoms of ADHD in Children

The Conquer Program

Children with ADHD

Hey everyone! According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website, the following are signs and symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children:

  • daydream a lot
  • forget or lose things a lot
  • squirm or fidget
  • talk too much
  • make careless mistakes or take unnecessary risks
  • have a hard time resisting temptation
  • have trouble taking turns
  • have difficulty getting along with others

Along with these symptoms, children with ADHD have trouble making friends, keeping friends, and are usually facing their share of bullying. NeuroFit has created a program to help children and families understand these symptoms and how to get through the challenges that face them. If you live in Bergen County in NJ and have a child that has been diagnosed with ADHD, give us a call at (201) 857-4768 for more information about our 12-week program, or visit us at

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Can you feel the love? – Fitness with Passion


Sometimes its a little bit sickening how friendly we are here at VOLT. This cynical writer sometimes can’t take that morning sunshine of smiles and even hugs! Seriously, where else do you see trainers hug other trainer’s clients?  And everyone is still cool with it? The community and family feeling is definitely here. All the time. Everyday. This writer has never heard so much laughter on the gym floor. On any gym floor! Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of struggling faces and grunts along with the laughter, but still the laughter wins.

Weight Lifting Hamster
Do you even lift?

Then again, its a lot better than having Miley Cyrus’ playlist being pumped through the sound system or random shouts of “YEAH BUDDY” after a weight has been dropped on the floor. It just goes to show that the trainers, every trainer, is here to make sure each client reaches their goal and maintains it. I suppose there are things worse than a happy gym. Frankly, who wants to go to a gym where the staff are unfriendly, and the atmosphere is cold? I guess that’s why I keep coming back. Aside from the fact that I get paid.

Get Fit. Make Friends. Have Fun.

Eat the Stress Away!!!

Junk Food

Yeah!!! Eat your stress away! Wooo! Let’s go in, people! What do we have in front of us? Some chips? Some soda? Maybe a little cake snack?

Little Debbie
You sassy mistress you…

If you’re not by your desk already, you’re thinking about going back. Back to the grind. Back to the deadlines, and the bosses, and really? Again with those cover sheets!? Or maybe you’re back to something that really grinds your gears.  Perhaps an overly open co-worker who just had to tell you about their bunion; or maybe even the little twerp who just started and somehow has a house in the Hamptons where they will be spending the weekend with their other little hipster friends complaining about, oh I don’t know, there is going to be just a little too much tequila for their singing shots weekend. Whatever it is (especially you work from home readers) you’re bound to be stressed out and looking for some sort of release. Look out afternoon crash!

So what can you do to relieve some of this stress without grabbing the nearest office equipment and smashing it to bits? Well, take your coffee break but don’t get coffee! After doing a small bit of research, a few foods came up that were pretty common to increase the peace.

  1. TEA
    1. YEP! Try it out you java-nuts! Apparently CAFFEINATED teas like black teas, green teas and oolong teas will release the stress and even keep you alert enough to get through the final hours of your day at the office.
  2. NUTS!
    1. Crunching on nuts seems to relieve some of that tension you have building up while you listen to the inane chatter of those around you. They have plenty of vitamins ( Vitamin B2 and E, as well as magnesium and zinc, almonds are high in fat, but most of the fat is unsaturated) that will boost your body into that kicking-butt-and-taking-names mode.  So crack it like its hot or open a bag of blue diamonds!
    1. Obviously fruits are a good choice to make whenever you’re putting some form of energy in your body. These two fruits in particular really get the stress out. First, it covers the need to release aggression (with the apple anyway). Both are chock full of vitamins that you lose when you’re just going through your day and according to one article just sniffing a green apple will relieve stress. Frankly, I’d rather just eat it.
    1. I thought at first this was a joke. Apparently, it lowers stress hormones and of course the sugar is an added bonus. Keep the portions in check though. Want to knock out a few suggestions in one? Try an Almonds Mounds. Chocolate, fruit, and nuts all in one!

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Personal Trainers Tuck it in!

Tuck it in Tuesday with Jon and Sarah

More shenanigans at VOLT FITNESS, especially on Tuesdays! While some of us slave away in front of a computer, the trainers here have found a way to liven up the work week.

Trainer and clients tuck in their shirts for Tuesday.
Personal Trainer, Jon Marciani gets his clients in on the trend.
Tuck it in Tuesday with Jon and Sarah
Jon and Sarah, personal trainers at VOLT FITNESS, tuck it in for Tuesday!

The only thing we take seriously here at VOLT FITNESS is our clients. We make sure that they get the best of our services, the best of our knowledge and the best of our attention. We also love to offer the best products we can get our hands on. To that point, we are now offering Isagenix at VOLT FITNESS.

Isagenix offers health and wellness product solutions for weight loss, energy and performance, and healthy aging. The owners have tried it, the staff have tried it and even relatives have tried Isagenix and absolutely love it. Their meal replacement bars taste good. For real. There isn’t any chalky after taste and it does in fact make you feel good after eating it. Even the shakes are pretty tasty. All are included in the 30 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning system. Now to prove that this stuff works, you have to be very disciplined. Most products that are similar don’t require much work but Isagenix makes sure that you get to your goal in the safest way possible. Keep that in mind, because the next 30 days will not be easy! Then again, nothing worth while is ever easy.

If you’re interested in Isagenix from VOLT FITNESS (you can trust us) then go to and take a look around. Then give us a call at (201)857-3800 so we can take things from there.

Until next time, readers.

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