Executive Functioning and Coordination

For some kids, going to school is a miniature version of going to a club. You have your bouncers (from principals to teacher’s aids) and you have your bar tenders (cafeteria staff). The entire day, in between learning, they catch up with their friends, hang out at recess, etc. For others, going to school is jail. Not the fancy ones with the gym and cable TV. I mean the ones that feel like those four walls are iron bars. The teachers and higher ups are wardens, and going to the yard means some sort of certain humiliation. There will always be someone that seems to be more popular than they are, and then there will be the ones that “OWN THIS JOINT!”. It’s a hard truth to hear, but with all of the anti-bullying campaigns around, there is no escaping this harsh reality. For those who feel trapped, for any reason, NeuroFit in Glen Rock, NJ has created two programs to meet the needs of these kids.


Executive Functioning/Social Skills

Children who display issues or symptoms related to ADHD, Aspergers, impulse control or social skills often have trouble staying focused on tasks they don’t find interesting, don’t know how to filter their thoughts before speaking, or have difficulty making friends or keeping the ones they have. The Conquer Program, created by a licensed clinical social worker, has been formulated to help children focus, make friends, learn how to deal with rejection and much more.  Children will also have an opportunity to burn off energy and apply social skills learned with the LCSW by spending time in the VOLT FITNESS Circuit. Their time in the circuit is spent playing with therapeutic interactive games and interactive video games, overseen by a physical therapist. If you would like to learn more about the program, or even enroll your child or teen, call us at 201-857-4768 or visit our page at http://www.voltfitnessusa.com/adhd-program.html.



Take a moment to think back to the first time you peddled your bicycle without help. There was excitement, a sense of adventure and even accomplishment. It was a red letter day, V for Victory! Whether you got it on the first try, or even the 85th try, you were able to get those feet pumping and put those wheels into motion. However, there are children who, no matter how hard they try, often give up feeling like they will never learn how. Their parents have tried everything from tricycles to training wheels and they’re out of ideas. Thats where the NeuroFit Coordination program comes in. Our physical therapist has formulated an ongoing program that will help kids make an improvement on their coordination, balance, and more. Most importantly kids will learn how to build confidence with each success they have. If your child needs a little help with their running techniques, hand eye coordination, throwing and catching or even just to do better in gym class, call us at 201-857-4768 or take a look at our page at http://www.voltfitnessusa.com/coordination-program.html.

Both programs have been designed to help kids and teens navigate the choppy waters that they face in school, gym or on the field The programs are covered by participating health benefit plans and are held at VOLT FITNESS in Glen Rock, near the Ridgewood Border.

Get Fit. Make Friends. Have Fun!

– Jay

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Diet and ADHD

Food affects every area of our lives. Aside from just being fuel for our bodies, we use food to cheer us up (don’t deny it), treat ourselves (that Baskin Robbins sure looks good), celebrate (chocolate cake for the promotion!), and so much more. Food affects not just our weight, but our overall health, and this includes our emotions, functionality, and behavior. The following, according to various sites, is true for individuals with symptoms of ADHD.

From MSN Healthy Living:

The B vitamins have been linked to improved neural activity and are great at reducing stress, both useful for children with ADHD. Good food sources of the B vitamins are nutritional yeast, liver, whole-grain cereals and breads, rice, nuts, milk, eggs, meats, fish, fruits, leafy green vegetables and soy.

From WebMD:

Eat fewer simple carbohydrates, such as candy, corn syrup, honey, sugar, products made from white flour, white rice, and white potatoes.

From activebeat:

Omega 3 fatty acids have been known to significantly decrease ADHD symptoms in many children. Tuna is a phenomenal source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Using tuna to make things like wraps, sandwiches and pasta salads for kids’ lunches is a great way to try and help control their symptoms

Please note, EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT! Anything listed here may or may not work for your child and are only intended as general guidelines. You and your child know what does, and doesn’t work best.

Over the course of 12 weeks, NeuroFit professionals will work with children and teens that suffer from symptoms of ADHD in the Conquer Program. While children learn things like how to make friends, manage impulsivity, and how to deal with rejection, healthy eating at home and at school can only help the skills taught during the social skills and executive functioning sessions.

For information on the Conquer Program, visit us online at http://www.voltfitnessusa.com/adhd-program.html or call us at 201-857-4768.

Get Fit. Make Friends. Have Fun!


Symptoms of ADHD in Children

The Conquer Program

Children with ADHD

Hey everyone! According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website, the following are signs and symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children:

  • daydream a lot
  • forget or lose things a lot
  • squirm or fidget
  • talk too much
  • make careless mistakes or take unnecessary risks
  • have a hard time resisting temptation
  • have trouble taking turns
  • have difficulty getting along with others

Along with these symptoms, children with ADHD have trouble making friends, keeping friends, and are usually facing their share of bullying. NeuroFit has created a program to help children and families understand these symptoms and how to get through the challenges that face them. If you live in Bergen County in NJ and have a child that has been diagnosed with ADHD, give us a call at (201) 857-4768 for more information about our 12-week program, or visit us at http://www.voltfitnessusa.com/adhd-program.html.

Get Fit. Make Friends. Have Fun!

Own It Monday

Road Rage

Its Monday again! In the past we’ve spoken on how to get over the fact that it’s Monday. Yet somehow, it still creeps up on us. Sure, we may not have the job we want or we do have the job we want but surrounded by people who seem to make us think otherwise. We could even have the job we want, we like who is around us but for what ever reason, we still dread Monday.

Well if you’ve had a terrible morning or seem like you can’t get rid of that funk you woke up with, remember it’s all on you how you go through the week.

It’s Monday. Make it YOURS. The ball is in your court, or rather you’re at the helm and you need to steer your week, TODAY. The attitude you have right now is going to set the pace for the rest of the week. So if you dread today simply because you’ve gone back to work, you’ll dread the rest of the week from the moment your eyes close to the moment they open again.

So what are you waiting for? Pull up your grown-up undies and deal with it! Are there reports to be done? Do it! Is there a certain goal you have to reach with sales, or with a client? Do what has to be done to get there. Recite a mantra if that’s what gets you going.

You may be reading this and thinking to yourself, “you said this already”. Well, sometimes things are worth repeating and since the world is full of people who still hate Mondays, it means not everyone has either read what we’ve said or they’ve read it and brushed it off.

Do us a favor: Pick one thing that’s good about today and recite it to yourself all day long. Maybe its the fact that you have a job when many others don’t; or the fact that your car is running or you had money for transportation. If you can’t think of something good then think of how you would like them to be. Do you feel like this week is on top of you already? Then tell yourself “I can do this. I’m on top of it. Its my week.” If that’s not going to work, figure out something that will.

Then, when you’re work day is done, after you’ve worked for “THE MAN”, do something for yourself. No, I don’t mean sit back with a bottle of wine, or a pound of chocolate or even a six-pack. I mean, hit the gym! Preferably our gym located at 566 S Broad Street in Glen Rock, New Jersey (yes that is shameless self-promotion and we’re fricken proud of it!), but if you don’t belong to a gym go to a park and use the jungle-gym. There is a good chance kids aren’t there anyway, so who better than you to use it?

Get your phone or iPod (or whatever you use for tunes) packed with high energy music or something that gets you going and pound the pavement! Even if its just a 10 minute walk, you’ll feel better when it’s over. Besides, tomorrow is Tuesday and before you know it, its Monday all over again.

Midday Slugfest – What is slowing you down?

large coffee little energy

Well, we’ve had quite the productive morning. Got those reports in, messages sent out, even had a few of those vendors billed. Now we sit at our desk and … fight sleep. What happened? You were so ready to seize the day when you walked in with your energy bar in your pocket and your venti coffee with three shots of espresso in hand. Now the coffee is gone and you’re eyeing the energy bar and OH WAIT! You have that 5 hour energy shot in your desk! You’re saved! Or are you?

Eating breakfast is your first step to stave off the sleep gremlins throughout your day. So, clearly the first mistake is missing breakfast altogether. You’ve got your body running on fumes. Or if your only bit of breakfast was your venti coffee then you’re running on a shot of NOS and that’s why you’re in neutral rolling backwards down a hill. We all know that you need to start the day with breakfast, but your breakfast food could be slowing you down. The obvious choices to avoid are sugar filled options. So forget the donuts, pass on the candy, and those frappuccinos have got to kick the bucket (for the morning ritual anyway)!

For those reading this going “psh, I knew that” we’ve got something for you too. That white toast you had with your Polaner all fruit jelly (I mean … spread…) is slowly trudging through your digestive tract right now. Your metabolism isn’t even giving it the time of day. Even you whole wheat bagel with some crazy thick shmear folks are in this category. Now if you had your low fat yogurt with almonds and cranberries and you’re feeling bright and chipper, seriously? Why are you reading this? (I’m kidding, please read on).

All hope is not lost, my friends! Right now you have a decision to make. Will you have something to eat (not drink) that will give you an energy boost or will you continue to pop the pills, knock back the shots, or have your usual chit chat with the barista while you wait for your third fourth fifth venti dark roast with three four five shots of espresso and a shot of caramel? (Please understand that is an over-exaggeration and unless you have some crazy metabolism that can handle all of that caffeine, you would have had a heart attack by now and not reading this blog.)

So this afternoon, when you go for lunch look for some bright and vibrant veggies for a salad. If a sandwich is more your style, make sure the bread is whole GRAIN not whole WHEAT. Your body has to work harder to digest those grains and in turn your energy will soar and not take a nose dive. An alternative to a sandwich is a wrap. Make sure the fillings are something along the lines of roast beef or chicken. Turkey at this point of the day can slow you down with its Mighty Mighty Tryptophan which will knock you on your keister faster than your boss’ lecture about not using company computers to browse NSFW content on Reddit.

donut or apple
Click me to see this video on Instagram!

Decisions decisions….

 On your hunt for the perfect energy boosting lunch keep in mind that fish high in omega-3, non-creamy soups, and beans will aid in the fight against the sandman when you return to your desk. Instead of swinging by the Bucks of Stars for your java fix (you caf-fiend) ask for an herbal tea. Green tea or any white tea will give you the energy you need without the need for a nap once the last drop of boost juice is gone. All of this is easy to remember and most of us know this already. Even so, its good to be reminded every so often. Don’t forget our previous tips on making it through the day. Like get up and DANCE! Get the tunes moving through those eardrums and get your booty moving in the seat. Or take a small stroll through the halls and breathe easy. Post-work workout is the best way to end your day especially if it didn’t start off on the right foot nutritionally.

As always, VOLT FITNESS offers a free session for personal training, small group training and partner training to help you reach your fitness goals. The friendly atmosphere will be here to encourage you on your journey from the moment you step through the doors and even when you’re on your way out. With us, you’ll laugh, might cry, and possibly curse the day your trainer was born because they’re making you do something you don’t want to do but in the end you’ll leave with a smile and ready to finish your day with a healthy light dinner and a good night’s rest.

Get Fit. Make Friends. Have FUN!

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Back in the Saddle Again

Cowboy on Horse

Wooo! Welcome back party animals! Welcome back to the comfort of your desk, the warmth of your office chair, and the glow of fluorescent lighting. Just yesterday you were drudging through the backyard bbqs, forcing yourself to laugh at your friends jokes, and barely being entertained by the kids running around, voices filling the air with glee. Wait, what? Let’s try this again.

Good afternoon, and welcome back to the work week. Unless you worked all weekend, then hey! Welcome to Tuesday! As the title of this post suggests most of us Monday to Friday employees are getting back into our usual routine. Turned on the computer, checked some emails (the ones you don’t check on your phone), poured some coffee and sat back to reminisce about the lovely weekend you just had, instead of getting to those TPS reports, and their cover sheets. Fresh memories of enjoying the sun and fresh air with family and/or friends are just running through your mind. If they weren’t before, I’m sure they are now. Remember the awesome food you enjoyed? Beefy hot dogs, soda galore, thick burgers and all the awesome-bad-for-you goodies we enjoy once the warm weather hits. Do you have the picture in your head? Mouth watering yet? No?

Backyard BBQ
Maybe this will help.


Ahhh we remember now. If you’re a health fanatic or if you were doing really well… the guilt should hit you… now! No, we’re kidding, but if you did perhaps treat yourself to a little too much yesterday, don’t worry there is a remedy. Ready for it? Its ground breaking really.


As long as the weekend gave you some great memories and remain as great memories then there is no reason to stay off the wagon. You had a fantastic time and that’s something we all need. A time to reflect on is a tool of rejuvenation and motivation. Use your cheat day to give you a reason to work on staying in shape or getting back to it. For some of us, the warm weather has just begun and you know you’ll look for ways to stay cool. This doesn’t include layering up to hide what you’re working on. Need a step back in the right direction? Check out this recipe pinned on our Pinterest board. There is a good chance you have most of these ingredients still in the house. If not, use it as inspiration to find something that will give you a boost for the rest of the day.

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Excuse our dust… literally.

"Hey everybody" "Norm!"

Things have been on the move here at VOLT FITNESS, and we’ve been amazed at how a few changes have made a big difference. What “wows” us even more, is that our client base has grown amidst the flying dust and numerous “wet paint” signs. When asked, what keeps you coming, most have commented that it’s the atmosphere in the gym. We’ve been told that the staff is friendly and quickly become like family. Clients don’t feel intimidated but motivated. They find a friend from the ownership down to the trainers. The writer of this post can attest to that. We do have something of a cheers atmosphere here.

"Hey everybody" "Norm!"
“Hey everybody” “Norm!”

Next reason, is our knowledgeable staff. Our trainers know what they’re doing. You won’t find any meatheads here, mindlessly yelling orders out to their clients. There is a trust built between the clients and their trainers. The front desk personnel has in fact seen a drastic change in many of the people who come through our doors and its not just a physical change they see. There is a confidence boost, there is excitement when the clients see their trainers and that same excitement is heard in the voices of the trainers as they great their next appointment with a hollering “WOOO!!! YOU READY?! LETS DO THIS!”. Occasionally some clapping accompanies the holler. (Get the image of a clapping gorilla out of your head.)

Gorilla Clapping
I mean it! Clear it out of your mind right now!

If the author of this post didn’t work here, they would join the gym themselves. In this person’s experience, gyms aren’t necessarily the most fun and inviting place to be. The tightly grouped machines, blaring club thumping music, the super cut absurdly fit members anointing the equipment with their glorious sweat, and the overly pseudo enthusiastic (or blatantly apathetic) staff members don’t exactly scream “please, come in and use us to drop some lard”.

Now I know many may read this and think “GYMS AREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE FRIENDLY THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE HARDCORE RAAAAAWWWWRRR (insert gym rage here)”; but if you’re just starting out and feel completely insecure (which many do, no matter what size, shape or level of fitness they are), none of that is encouraging. The rows of machines give the sense of a fitness factory, where the unfit rodents line up and mount the treadmills that are tightly packed together, and power the facility while doing their best to tune out the fact that there may be someone right next to them putting in double the amount of effort they are. Excuse me while I catch my breath.

Although this will sound like a catchphrase on ‘roids, VOLT FITNESS puts the personal touch in personal training.

Even with the advent of Small Group Personal Training, everyone still gets individual attention. The best phenomenon we’ve seen is that those who were once strangers, become friends in these small groups. Who knew? You can work with strangers and find friends as well as a great workout that wasn’t mass produced.

So if you’re in Bergen County, and need a gym where you feel free to get fit and would like to make some friends along the way, give us a call and come in for a free session. Or just come in to say hi.

Get fit. Make friends. Have fun!
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