Diet and ADHD

Food affects every area of our lives. Aside from just being fuel for our bodies, we use food to cheer us up (don’t deny it), treat ourselves (that Baskin Robbins sure looks good), celebrate (chocolate cake for the promotion!), and so much more. Food affects not just our weight, but our overall health, and this includes our emotions, functionality, and behavior. The following, according to various sites, is true for individuals with symptoms of ADHD.

From MSN Healthy Living:

The B vitamins have been linked to improved neural activity and are great at reducing stress, both useful for children with ADHD. Good food sources of the B vitamins are nutritional yeast, liver, whole-grain cereals and breads, rice, nuts, milk, eggs, meats, fish, fruits, leafy green vegetables and soy.

From WebMD:

Eat fewer simple carbohydrates, such as candy, corn syrup, honey, sugar, products made from white flour, white rice, and white potatoes.

From activebeat:

Omega 3 fatty acids have been known to significantly decrease ADHD symptoms in many children. Tuna is a phenomenal source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Using tuna to make things like wraps, sandwiches and pasta salads for kids’ lunches is a great way to try and help control their symptoms

Please note, EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT! Anything listed here may or may not work for your child and are only intended as general guidelines. You and your child know what does, and doesn’t work best.

Over the course of 12 weeks, NeuroFit professionals will work with children and teens that suffer from symptoms of ADHD in the Conquer Program. While children learn things like how to make friends, manage impulsivity, and how to deal with rejection, healthy eating at home and at school can only help the skills taught during the social skills and executive functioning sessions.

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Eat the Stress Away!!!

Junk Food

Yeah!!! Eat your stress away! Wooo! Let’s go in, people! What do we have in front of us? Some chips? Some soda? Maybe a little cake snack?

Little Debbie
You sassy mistress you…

If you’re not by your desk already, you’re thinking about going back. Back to the grind. Back to the deadlines, and the bosses, and really? Again with those cover sheets!? Or maybe you’re back to something that really grinds your gears.  Perhaps an overly open co-worker who just had to tell you about their bunion; or maybe even the little twerp who just started and somehow has a house in the Hamptons where they will be spending the weekend with their other little hipster friends complaining about, oh I don’t know, there is going to be just a little too much tequila for their singing shots weekend. Whatever it is (especially you work from home readers) you’re bound to be stressed out and looking for some sort of release. Look out afternoon crash!

So what can you do to relieve some of this stress without grabbing the nearest office equipment and smashing it to bits? Well, take your coffee break but don’t get coffee! After doing a small bit of research, a few foods came up that were pretty common to increase the peace.

  1. TEA
    1. YEP! Try it out you java-nuts! Apparently CAFFEINATED teas like black teas, green teas and oolong teas will release the stress and even keep you alert enough to get through the final hours of your day at the office.
  2. NUTS!
    1. Crunching on nuts seems to relieve some of that tension you have building up while you listen to the inane chatter of those around you. They have plenty of vitamins ( Vitamin B2 and E, as well as magnesium and zinc, almonds are high in fat, but most of the fat is unsaturated) that will boost your body into that kicking-butt-and-taking-names mode.  So crack it like its hot or open a bag of blue diamonds!
    1. Obviously fruits are a good choice to make whenever you’re putting some form of energy in your body. These two fruits in particular really get the stress out. First, it covers the need to release aggression (with the apple anyway). Both are chock full of vitamins that you lose when you’re just going through your day and according to one article just sniffing a green apple will relieve stress. Frankly, I’d rather just eat it.
    1. I thought at first this was a joke. Apparently, it lowers stress hormones and of course the sugar is an added bonus. Keep the portions in check though. Want to knock out a few suggestions in one? Try an Almonds Mounds. Chocolate, fruit, and nuts all in one!

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Midday Slugfest – What is slowing you down?

large coffee little energy

Well, we’ve had quite the productive morning. Got those reports in, messages sent out, even had a few of those vendors billed. Now we sit at our desk and … fight sleep. What happened? You were so ready to seize the day when you walked in with your energy bar in your pocket and your venti coffee with three shots of espresso in hand. Now the coffee is gone and you’re eyeing the energy bar and OH WAIT! You have that 5 hour energy shot in your desk! You’re saved! Or are you?

Eating breakfast is your first step to stave off the sleep gremlins throughout your day. So, clearly the first mistake is missing breakfast altogether. You’ve got your body running on fumes. Or if your only bit of breakfast was your venti coffee then you’re running on a shot of NOS and that’s why you’re in neutral rolling backwards down a hill. We all know that you need to start the day with breakfast, but your breakfast food could be slowing you down. The obvious choices to avoid are sugar filled options. So forget the donuts, pass on the candy, and those frappuccinos have got to kick the bucket (for the morning ritual anyway)!

For those reading this going “psh, I knew that” we’ve got something for you too. That white toast you had with your Polaner all fruit jelly (I mean … spread…) is slowly trudging through your digestive tract right now. Your metabolism isn’t even giving it the time of day. Even you whole wheat bagel with some crazy thick shmear folks are in this category. Now if you had your low fat yogurt with almonds and cranberries and you’re feeling bright and chipper, seriously? Why are you reading this? (I’m kidding, please read on).

All hope is not lost, my friends! Right now you have a decision to make. Will you have something to eat (not drink) that will give you an energy boost or will you continue to pop the pills, knock back the shots, or have your usual chit chat with the barista while you wait for your third fourth fifth venti dark roast with three four five shots of espresso and a shot of caramel? (Please understand that is an over-exaggeration and unless you have some crazy metabolism that can handle all of that caffeine, you would have had a heart attack by now and not reading this blog.)

So this afternoon, when you go for lunch look for some bright and vibrant veggies for a salad. If a sandwich is more your style, make sure the bread is whole GRAIN not whole WHEAT. Your body has to work harder to digest those grains and in turn your energy will soar and not take a nose dive. An alternative to a sandwich is a wrap. Make sure the fillings are something along the lines of roast beef or chicken. Turkey at this point of the day can slow you down with its Mighty Mighty Tryptophan which will knock you on your keister faster than your boss’ lecture about not using company computers to browse NSFW content on Reddit.

donut or apple
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Decisions decisions….

 On your hunt for the perfect energy boosting lunch keep in mind that fish high in omega-3, non-creamy soups, and beans will aid in the fight against the sandman when you return to your desk. Instead of swinging by the Bucks of Stars for your java fix (you caf-fiend) ask for an herbal tea. Green tea or any white tea will give you the energy you need without the need for a nap once the last drop of boost juice is gone. All of this is easy to remember and most of us know this already. Even so, its good to be reminded every so often. Don’t forget our previous tips on making it through the day. Like get up and DANCE! Get the tunes moving through those eardrums and get your booty moving in the seat. Or take a small stroll through the halls and breathe easy. Post-work workout is the best way to end your day especially if it didn’t start off on the right foot nutritionally.

As always, VOLT FITNESS offers a free session for personal training, small group training and partner training to help you reach your fitness goals. The friendly atmosphere will be here to encourage you on your journey from the moment you step through the doors and even when you’re on your way out. With us, you’ll laugh, might cry, and possibly curse the day your trainer was born because they’re making you do something you don’t want to do but in the end you’ll leave with a smile and ready to finish your day with a healthy light dinner and a good night’s rest.

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