Do You Need a Personal Trainer?

Personal Training at VOLT FITNESS

“Yo bro, I got this” says the obvious gym newbie trying to lift a dumbbell three times his body weight if he were standing in the gym, with nothing but sweats on, soaking wet. Clearly this is not the picture of wisdom and fitness.

Now most of us love going to the gym on our own or with a buddy to pass the time while we attempt to get these sacks of bones into proper shape, and the independence makes us generally feel great about ourselves. However, contrary to popular belief, these people who walk around gyms yelling, clapping, and looking good, actually know a thing or two that you don’t when it comes to getting into shape, safely, and efficiently.

I am the picture of perfect health and awesomeness!

(No that’s not me in the picture. It’s one of our amazing clients, David H.) So in my previous post I mentioned working at a gym but not working out at said gym. In the earlier days of my employment at VOLT FITNESS, I had a few responsibilities as we were the “new kids on the block” and didn’t have too many clients (this is now in stark contrast to today as we  are quite hopping — no, I’m not being paid to say that). So while I had some downtime, a few of our generous trainers were more than happy to give me a few training sessions. Let me tell you, those few sessions did wonders. Now that I have more responsibility than I could have ever imagined, inside and outside of VOLT, my time and the trainers times don’t align and alas, I am unable to take advantage of these wonderful people I am fortunate enough to call my co-workers (I love you guys!).

Why do I go into all of that? Because as I mentioned before, I started working out again and I honestly miss having someone tell me what to do. Let me just mention this is one of the few times I let people tell me what to do (am I right, ladies?). Why? Because they know their craft! I don’t know enough to get me healthy except from what I remember from our sessions. Plus, its always great to have someone to encourage you to go further than you want to go. We have friends that come along and tell us that but what happens when they don’t want to stay with you to go that extra mile? To push you through that one last rep? At the end of the day there is no better help than a professional. Don’t think you need or even want a trainer? Check out our video below and tell me what you really think afterwards. C’mon, click the video. You know you want to.

Until next time fitness friends!


Get Fit Make Friends Have Fun!



Can you feel the love? – Fitness with Passion


Sometimes its a little bit sickening how friendly we are here at VOLT. This cynical writer sometimes can’t take that morning sunshine of smiles and even hugs! Seriously, where else do you see trainers hug other trainer’s clients?  And everyone is still cool with it? The community and family feeling is definitely here. All the time. Everyday. This writer has never heard so much laughter on the gym floor. On any gym floor! Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of struggling faces and grunts along with the laughter, but still the laughter wins.

Weight Lifting Hamster
Do you even lift?

Then again, its a lot better than having Miley Cyrus’ playlist being pumped through the sound system or random shouts of “YEAH BUDDY” after a weight has been dropped on the floor. It just goes to show that the trainers, every trainer, is here to make sure each client reaches their goal and maintains it. I suppose there are things worse than a happy gym. Frankly, who wants to go to a gym where the staff are unfriendly, and the atmosphere is cold? I guess that’s why I keep coming back. Aside from the fact that I get paid.

Get Fit. Make Friends. Have Fun.

Why i QUIT Drinking Wine!!

And here’s why…
I’ve noticed over the last 2 years or so – when I drink wine with dinner, my sleep suffers. The most common problem being that I’d wake up in the middle of the night, and would have to fight the minutes in order to fall back asleep.
I had actually stopped for about 4 months – but last Tuesday night, I was at a speaking/dinner event and enjoyed a glass & a half of red wine with my dinner. I went to bed at about 11pm and by 2am I was wide awake and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Not good AT ALL.
So, I’m done with wine, even the sulfite-free Organic wines.
My sleep (and yours) is infinitely more valuable than enjoying a glass or two of wine with dinner.
Remember: Quality sleep is critical to optimal fitness, health and youth preservation. When our sleep is sacrificed – we pay the price in many ways.
Some of the ways we pay that price are:
1 – Increased Irritability and Moodiness
2 – Decreased Physical Performance
3 – Accelerated Aging (from looking like $#!% every morning – to hormone de-optimization)
4 – Limited Brain Functionality

Those are just a few – and those alone lead to several layers of other ill effects of bad sleep, such as:

A – Increased Body-Fat
B – Muscle Wasting
C – Sagging Skin
D – Loss of Libido (YIKES!)

There are many articles and resources that shed more light on this topic – all you have to do is search “Wine and Insomnia”
Again, our sleep is profoundly valuable to our wellness, longevity and the quality of our daily lives – all aspects of it. So, we must place priority on creating conditions that give us the best sleep-time possible.

Late Night Eating is Killing Me!!!!

Does the refrigerator call your name every night? Chances are, you satisfied your hunger at dinner, so these late-night munchies are not about being hungry. Instead, they’re a result of habit, boredom, stress, or fatigue after a long, hard day. No matter what the cause, eating at night usually leads to overeating, and can wreak havoc on your weight-loss diet.

What to do?  What to do?Image

Idea: Give yourself a 100 calories to work with after dinner. Eat whatever you want but using 100 calories maximum. See what happens.If you are dedicated you will start to lose some weight and the dreaded “bloated” feeling will disappear. Oh yeah,drink water. The more the better.



Girl Scouts get their FITNESS BADGE at VOLT!!

Girl Scouts Fitness Badge

This week VOLT FITNESS is kicking off its 5th year of helping Girl Scouts and Daisies to achieve their fitness badge using our interactive video game fitness circuit. It’s all about the FUN !

Any Scout (Boy or Girls) leaders who are looking for a FUN place to bring your troops and get a Fitness Badge will love VOLT!!

Here’s what they get,lol.